Sunday, March 23, 2014

Korean Translator 20

   This week I took a little break due to upcoming tests and an English project. However, I did ponder over the presentation that I am going to give. I would like to read the Ted Talk book shown to us in English class to improve my presentation skills.  I think I will have my topic by next weekend, after some more free time. I do enjoy having a blog post every two weeks, it isn't as stressful or overbearing to remember to hit post instead of save. I can also focus more on the actual project and not "What am I going to type in the blog post?" and they can be more meaningful than just for points.
   I'm not sure what I will put in my presentation for pictures. It will be hard because it is hard to take pictures of learning a language. I'm sure that I can find something before the presentation. My Korean friend is really nice and is helping me with Korean. It is difficult to communicate however, as the time difference is 13 hours ahead of our time zone in Michigan. It works on the weekends, because neither of us really sleep at a normal time.

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  1. Great to hear that your presentation is coming along. Just a suggestion - instead of pictures, maybe you could have audio clips of you trying some Korean, or having a conversation with your friend? You could even have a couple over time to show your progress. It is hard to document pictures of learning a language. It's interesting to hear your perspective on the blog post as more of a "thing to do" instead of something that's really meaningful. You should mention this to your teacher.