Sunday, March 2, 2014

Korean Translator 18

   Over the course of 20 Time, I've learned many skills and advice that will help me in life. There were many aspects of the project that I enjoyed, but also a few that I would have changed. I like the freedom and variety between the topics of the project, and the different things other students are accomplishing. However, I did not like the rapid shift in 20 Time work days. During the first half of the year Fridays were purely for working on 20 Time. But now the Fridays are mostly working on the presentations, with little time for 20 Time. I would have preferred that there be a balance between project and presentation time, and a more gradual shift between project and presentation. I do enjoy working with other students, and hearing that other students from different schools around the world are also doing this project. It's nice to see what other kids are doing at their school.

   What would I have done differently with my project? It's a difficult question to answer. I would have liked to become more focused at the beginning of the year, and work harder. But I wouldn't change anything because I would not have benefited from the project. I would still procrastinate and suffer from the same problems that plagued my early stages. I probably would have procrastinated on an important project in which failure is not an option. Also, if I were to change anything on my project, the entire meaning would be lost. 20 Time would be merely another foreign language to learn and to present about it at the end. It means much more to me when I have the struggles and victories to remember and learn from.

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  1. Parker - Your post reminds me a lot of another one of the students' posts I read from 20 time, where you are very reflective about the victories and losses you've gone through during this project. It shows a sign of maturity to be able to it where you could have done better, and realize it's more about the process than the final product. Is there any way I'm going to get to see some of your process? I'd love documentation of your successes along the way!