Sunday, February 23, 2014

Korean Translator 17

   Over break I was able to take a nice vacation from school, and I also was able to work on my project. I find that I am working harder to meet my goals now that the amount of time I have is decreasing. This project will help me better manage my time in the future. I also believe it has taught me some very helpful skills in learning languages, but also in any skill that I would desire to have. Ambitious goals can be met if one so truly desires it, with a little effort and determination.

   I am nearing the second phase of learning a language, in which I need to add media to my exercises. I should start watching Korean movies and television, as well as listening to music and reading literature. One of my favorite polyglots advises against children's media, as they use certain vocabulary that only applies to adolescents and their respective fields of occupation. He said it would be better to find media in a field that interests me. I would probably choose medicine or history. I also found some books and short stories that we read in English class, written in Korean.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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  1. Parker - this sounds like a great next step for you! I think it's really interesting to bring media in to your language acquisition project because if you think about how we learn language at such a young age, it really is through media! I think that using films and books your familiar with is a good idea because then at least you have the background knowledge and can just focus on the technical aspect of learning language. Let me know if you find any you like in particular and if you notice if any of the ideas are changed in translation.