Sunday, April 6, 2014

Korean Translator 21

   This week I finalized what I am going to talk about for my presentation. I am going to talk about how one can achieve success if they are truly motivated and work hard. An individual that is passionate about what they are doing and investing time and energy can accomplish any goal that they truly desire. I've learned this to be true through my experiences with 20 time. In the beginning, I was struggling to focus and stay motivated, because I had the wrong motivations. It was hard to invest any time in a time consuming process that drained my energy and accomplished nothing. I took a break and did some research, as well as some self-reflecting. I realized that I had the wrong motivation for learning a language. I was learning so I could be able to communicate with foreigners. However, my goals were vague and were easy to procrastinate. But when I changed why I'm learning Korean, it became easier to focus, and I am making much more progress. I went from simply learning a language to much more. I'm now learning about a new culture, and of my heritage. I feel more connected to my ancestors and my parents. I think that others would benefit from finding what deeply motivates them. Many people go their entire lives without finding what they're truly passionate about, and suffer because of it. If people find what they are passionate about, they could do so much more with their lives.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Korean Translator 20

   This week I took a little break due to upcoming tests and an English project. However, I did ponder over the presentation that I am going to give. I would like to read the Ted Talk book shown to us in English class to improve my presentation skills.  I think I will have my topic by next weekend, after some more free time. I do enjoy having a blog post every two weeks, it isn't as stressful or overbearing to remember to hit post instead of save. I can also focus more on the actual project and not "What am I going to type in the blog post?" and they can be more meaningful than just for points.
   I'm not sure what I will put in my presentation for pictures. It will be hard because it is hard to take pictures of learning a language. I'm sure that I can find something before the presentation. My Korean friend is really nice and is helping me with Korean. It is difficult to communicate however, as the time difference is 13 hours ahead of our time zone in Michigan. It works on the weekends, because neither of us really sleep at a normal time.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Korean Translator 19

   This week I started listening to Korean radio talks. They're nice because it's a good way to gauge my progress, and some are enjoyable to listen to. It helps me when I listen to the radio when I'm learning because they can help me stay focused and play nice music. I haven't had much trouble motivating myself to work. I try to learn from my mistakes, and I strove to not repeat the same mistakes twice.
   However, I was not able to accomplish as much as I would have liked this week due to a packed schedule. After a long orchestra event I worked on an English research paper on Edgar Allen Poe. Fortunately, this week seems pretty free for me to work after Monday. I worked through my schedule to clear up at least an hour daily for studies. I have also started making Korean friends on the Internet. There are many sites that are useful. I use Students of the World. It has a decent system for finding people with certain parameters to narrow a search to a specific hobby or group.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Korean Translator 18

   Over the course of 20 Time, I've learned many skills and advice that will help me in life. There were many aspects of the project that I enjoyed, but also a few that I would have changed. I like the freedom and variety between the topics of the project, and the different things other students are accomplishing. However, I did not like the rapid shift in 20 Time work days. During the first half of the year Fridays were purely for working on 20 Time. But now the Fridays are mostly working on the presentations, with little time for 20 Time. I would have preferred that there be a balance between project and presentation time, and a more gradual shift between project and presentation. I do enjoy working with other students, and hearing that other students from different schools around the world are also doing this project. It's nice to see what other kids are doing at their school.

   What would I have done differently with my project? It's a difficult question to answer. I would have liked to become more focused at the beginning of the year, and work harder. But I wouldn't change anything because I would not have benefited from the project. I would still procrastinate and suffer from the same problems that plagued my early stages. I probably would have procrastinated on an important project in which failure is not an option. Also, if I were to change anything on my project, the entire meaning would be lost. 20 Time would be merely another foreign language to learn and to present about it at the end. It means much more to me when I have the struggles and victories to remember and learn from.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Korean Translator 17

   Over break I was able to take a nice vacation from school, and I also was able to work on my project. I find that I am working harder to meet my goals now that the amount of time I have is decreasing. This project will help me better manage my time in the future. I also believe it has taught me some very helpful skills in learning languages, but also in any skill that I would desire to have. Ambitious goals can be met if one so truly desires it, with a little effort and determination.

   I am nearing the second phase of learning a language, in which I need to add media to my exercises. I should start watching Korean movies and television, as well as listening to music and reading literature. One of my favorite polyglots advises against children's media, as they use certain vocabulary that only applies to adolescents and their respective fields of occupation. He said it would be better to find media in a field that interests me. I would probably choose medicine or history. I also found some books and short stories that we read in English class, written in Korean.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Korean Translator 16

   This week I made progress and returned to a normal routine. I found that learning a language isn't so hard if you put time into it and keep up the progress. It is really easy to procrastinate and lose progress. Luckily that pit is reversible, so I am on my way again. During this week I realized the importance of time. It seems like just last week that I was procrastinating in Polish thinking I had 8+ months and a simple task. The task of learning a language is much more daunting than I first believed, but I've also learned that it's possible. It's also taught me that most limitations for all humans stem from lack of effort or heart. If one puts the effort into the goal they have their hearts set upon, they can undoubtedly achieve their heart's desires. I think that if I can continue this I may be able to try Polish again during the summer, when I have much more free time.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Korean Translator 15

   I found that this week was very cramped and I procrastinated again. However, I did spend my week managing my time better throughout the week, so the next few weeks should have significantly improved progress. This week was really busy due to the snow days. Teachers were rushing to catch up with the lost material. Making matters worse, the orchestra I am in is having a concert and we only have a few weeks to prepare, so we are rushed there too. Even thought my schedule is packed, I still feel that 30 words a day is a good goal to aim for. I am still searching for ways to use my skills, as they will not progress without usage, and I have found no one in the nearby area that can speak Korean. I am close with a Korean restaurant, and the owners are nice. I think I might try speaking to them soon.