Sunday, June 8, 2014

Korean Translator 25

  This week was the TEDxGrossePointeSouthHS event. It was well organized and the speakers were great. Our teacher presented us with several questions for self-reflection on 20 Time:

1. Overall I felt that 20 Time was a new experience that is unique to our class. I learned a lot about myself, and found skills that will help me throughout high school and in life. It was also a unique experience to see everyone else's goals and dreams, their skills and ambitions. It was also cool to be with them as they went on their own journeys to find out more about themselves, and maybe even help them along the way.

2. If there was an aspect of 20 Time I would change, it would be the emphasis on blog posts. I personally did not think they should have been as important of an aspect for 20 Time. Some projects may be more difficult to blog about than others, and the whole learning process and importance of 20 Time itself may be lessened if blog posts were heavily emphasized. I felt that blog posts were more of a grade for school than a learning process or personal journal.

3. One aspect that should not be changed for 20 Time is the freedom of the project. Freedom is necessary in the variety of project topics, but also in doing the projects. Many kids will fail their projects, and I think it is up to them to learn from it. Giving us the freedom to fail also allows us to learn from that failure and prepare for the future, in a situation where failure may not be an option.

4. I feel that 20 Time should not be done by all students in the school, but by a smaller group. The group should be volunteers, because if students are forced to do these projects, they may pick an easy project and waste 20 Time as a free period. The lessons learned at 20 Time would be rejected by students forced to participate against their will, which would render the undertaking useless.

5. My advice to students next year is to value every second of 20 Time, because even if you're doing nothing, you're still learning. 20 Time will help you grow as a person. 20 Time will provide you with valuable lessons that you may not find anywhere else. 20 Time will prepare you for the rest of your life, providing skills essential to survival.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Korean Translator 24

   This week 20 Time Presentations started. It was really interesting to hear what some people had accomplished, and what they learned. Everyone had very interesting stories, and each person had something different to share. They all gave their messages to the world, and delivered it with passion. I learned a lot this year during 20 Time, mostly about myself. I have a better understanding of my capabilities, and better manage my time. It's nice to see other peoples' struggles and successes.
   Next week I will give my talk. I'm still quite nervous. I still need more practice. It's reassuring to know that the presentations don't have to be under a set time limit. That was what I feared most. It's very scary having to go up after people with very good speeches, because I feel that mine won't be as good. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Korean Translator 23

   This week marks the final week of preparation before the presentations on May 22. I began my slideshow and practiced the talk that I had so far constructed, but I am running out of time. It's strange thinking back to the beginning of the year, and how passive I was about the whole idea. I haven't made nearly enough progress to be considered C2 fluent, but I also know that just because the school year has ended, I won't stop doing things that I enjoy. I used to be held back by needing a class to learn things, and being baby fed knowledge to soak up instantly, but I now feel empowered to independently do things, and that just because there isn't a class doesn't mean I can't do it. I hope to work in the medical field when I am older, and before it was hard to do anything. Most media created a poor representation of the medical field, overly dramatizing daily life, and finding any sort of activities for students my age is very slim. There are classes at my school that are offered, but most of them are for Seniors. However, now I know that I don't have to wait for opportunities to be handed to me. I can make things happen in the world, that may benefit others. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Korean Translator 22

   This week I was on Spring Vacation, so it was nice to take a break from all of the school work. I managed to work on 20 Time, and learned more about grammar. I also learned more about the Korean War, and watched some films on the Korean War. It was interesting to see how some Koreans felt about the War, and how it was similar to the American Civil War in that it was the same people fighting for ideologies and for two different governments of the same people.

   I worked on my slides for the 20 time presentation, but I am still worried. I have had zero experience with giving speeches and poor oration skills, and this presentation will be very important. I need practice organizing my ideas as I am talking. My teacher gave the class very good advice, but I'm not sure it will be sufficient for me. I will need lots of practice before I start. I also am having a difficult time finding pictures to put up on the slides, as I have none.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Korean Translator 21

   This week I finalized what I am going to talk about for my presentation. I am going to talk about how one can achieve success if they are truly motivated and work hard. An individual that is passionate about what they are doing and investing time and energy can accomplish any goal that they truly desire. I've learned this to be true through my experiences with 20 time. In the beginning, I was struggling to focus and stay motivated, because I had the wrong motivations. It was hard to invest any time in a time consuming process that drained my energy and accomplished nothing. I took a break and did some research, as well as some self-reflecting. I realized that I had the wrong motivation for learning a language. I was learning so I could be able to communicate with foreigners. However, my goals were vague and were easy to procrastinate. But when I changed why I'm learning Korean, it became easier to focus, and I am making much more progress. I went from simply learning a language to much more. I'm now learning about a new culture, and of my heritage. I feel more connected to my ancestors and my parents. I think that others would benefit from finding what deeply motivates them. Many people go their entire lives without finding what they're truly passionate about, and suffer because of it. If people find what they are passionate about, they could do so much more with their lives.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Korean Translator 20

   This week I took a little break due to upcoming tests and an English project. However, I did ponder over the presentation that I am going to give. I would like to read the Ted Talk book shown to us in English class to improve my presentation skills.  I think I will have my topic by next weekend, after some more free time. I do enjoy having a blog post every two weeks, it isn't as stressful or overbearing to remember to hit post instead of save. I can also focus more on the actual project and not "What am I going to type in the blog post?" and they can be more meaningful than just for points.
   I'm not sure what I will put in my presentation for pictures. It will be hard because it is hard to take pictures of learning a language. I'm sure that I can find something before the presentation. My Korean friend is really nice and is helping me with Korean. It is difficult to communicate however, as the time difference is 13 hours ahead of our time zone in Michigan. It works on the weekends, because neither of us really sleep at a normal time.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Korean Translator 19

   This week I started listening to Korean radio talks. They're nice because it's a good way to gauge my progress, and some are enjoyable to listen to. It helps me when I listen to the radio when I'm learning because they can help me stay focused and play nice music. I haven't had much trouble motivating myself to work. I try to learn from my mistakes, and I strove to not repeat the same mistakes twice.
   However, I was not able to accomplish as much as I would have liked this week due to a packed schedule. After a long orchestra event I worked on an English research paper on Edgar Allen Poe. Fortunately, this week seems pretty free for me to work after Monday. I worked through my schedule to clear up at least an hour daily for studies. I have also started making Korean friends on the Internet. There are many sites that are useful. I use Students of the World. It has a decent system for finding people with certain parameters to narrow a search to a specific hobby or group.